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237 South Desplaines St., Chicago, IL  60661 and  4655 S. King St., Chicago, IL  60653


Helps people affected by poverty get and keep quality jobs.

6054 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60636

Offers training programs and services to help people find jobs.

208 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 1300, Chicago, IL  60604

Provides people with opportunities to gain skills that will move them out of poverty and financial instability.

567 W. Lake St., Suite 1150, Chicago, IL  60661
312-994-4200 or 1-855-994-8300

Assists job seekers from all backgrounds with career coaching and training and connections to career opportunities.

571 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL  60661

Supports people with criminal records through equal employment opportunities.

1850 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL  60608
312-666-1331 or 312-957-4865 (for deaf users)

Helps clients build skills, reach professional goals, and advance their careers while helping employers implement practices inclusive of people with disabilities.

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