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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get immediate assistance if I have an emergency?

Please call 911 for all emergency needs. 

My location is not listed.

If your specific community is not listed, please use the National page which provides information on assistance resources available either throughout the U.S. or in most locations across the U.S.  Additional community pages may be added based on user demand, our available resources, and similar criteria.

Can Community Help Finder give me assistance with food, shelter, or other things I need?

Community Help Finder is an information resource only and does not directly assist with food, shelter, or other provisions.  Contact one of the listed organizations on our site directly to get the assistance you need.

How were these organizations selected to be in Community Help Finder?

Organizations were included based on their location(s), services they provide, population coverage, community recognition (including by charity rating organizations), and other similar factors.  If you would like to suggest other organizations to include, please contact us. 

Can I use Community Help Finder to find assistance outside the United States?

Currently, Community Help Finder is intended as a resource providing information on assistance organizations in the United States only.  


How can I access Community Help Finder if I do not have a computer or smartphone?

Community Help Finder is intended as an online resource made widely accessible by desktop, mobile phone, and app.  If you do not have a computer or smartphone, if may be possible to gain online access at a local public library or similar community facilities, including some of those listed in Community Help Finder.

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