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Offers employment, training, and educational services to promote client self-sufficiency and supplies quality workers to businesses.  See site for multiple locations.

7310 Woodward Ave., Suite 701B, Detroit, MI  48202

Offers people returning from prison paid employment, skills training, and ongoing career support.

2959 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Detroit, MI  48208

Shelter and support services for youth.

2424 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48208
313-831-2787 or 313-831-2000 (for appointments)

Crossroads Employment Office assists job-seekers looking for full-time work. 

17321 Telegraph Road, Detroit, MI 48219

Adult Employment Division helps people gain independence and self-sufficiency by connecting them to employment opportunities. See site for center locations.

3111 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI


Helps adults gain job skills and businesses hire skilled workers.

1145 Lawndale, Detroit, MI 48209


Supports at-risk youth find job opportunities.

7310 Woodward Avenue, Suite 800, Detroit, MI 48202

Offers adult education and financial education programs to Wayne County residents.

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